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Yes, I do make personal appearances ... in public even! Aren't you lucky?

  • Boskone 43 February 17-19 (2006) Boston Mass.
  • ReaderCon 17 July 7-9 (2006) Burlington Mass.
  • NECON 26 July 13-16 (2006) Roger Williams University in fabulous Rhode Island.

Also Known As

Yes, I've just written another book under a new pseudonym. There may be more of that sort of thing in my future! What are these books? Who are these names? And what's the deal with pseudonyms, anyway? Stay tuned for all the exciting (and not-so-exciting) answers!

The Big Whosis!

Writer Craig Shaw Gardner and artist John Garcia bring new meaning to the words "Adventure Comics!" Follow the exciting exploits of The Big Whosis (whatever that is) every two weeks!

Book Review Column!

Appearing in H.P.Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror. Issue Three should hit newsstands soon.