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conventionNoreascon Four

NOREASCon logo

If you really like science fiction, fantasy and all that stuff, you owe it to yourself to attend a Worldcon -- that's world science fiction convention for those not up to speed.  The most recent worldcon was held in my current hometown, and kept me very busy indeed!  To get an idea of what one of these babies is like, click on the site and take a look around.  Hopefully, I'll see you next year in Glasgow!

Noreascon Four
September 2-6 (2004), Boston Massachusetts

web designerMarshall Art Studio

Logo and sample art from Marshall Art Studio

Wow! I hear you saying. Who's putting up all those cleverly doctored pictures of various lovelies reading the works of Craig Shaw Gardner? (How about the picture of Jennifer Tilly and the phone? Hubba hubba!) That would be Dandy David Marshall, the talented fellow who also designed the website. Dave is a witty comics artist as well, and you can see examples of his work at this link.

Marshall Art Studio
Boston, Massachusetts
David Marshall, Artist in Residence

artistGarcia Grafix: Artist of the Stars

Sample art John Garcia

In addition to being the artistic force of The Big Whosis, "Jazzy" John Garcia's drawn western, historical and adventure comics for a variety of publishers. Among his published works are Two Fisted Tales (with the legendary Harvey Kurtzman), Owlhoots (for Kitchen Sink Press) and Lost in Space. He earns his living drawing storyboards, animatics and finished art.

Boston, Massachusetts
John Garcia, Illustrator at Large

writerJeffrey A. Carver: From the Garret ...

Photo of Jeff Carver

Mr. Carver has authored popular collections of science fiction novels. The Chaos Chronicles (Pilot John Bandicutt has to save the universe -- over and over again!) and The Star Rigger Universe (In the streams of space, imagination and reality merge) and short stories. In addition, he also developed and hosted an educational television series called Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing.

Jeffrey A. Carver
Somewhere in New England